Janelle has lived on Riverbend Gardens land for all but 20 months of her life. After marrying her highschool sweetheart Aaron and spending a few years months in the city they moved back to the farm in 2006 to work the land and haven’t looked back.

The farm is now home to their three children too.


Aaron, grew up on Vancouver island and used to work in a steel shop, but shortly after marrying Janelle his career path took a very different turn. Learning the ropes by trial and error, he knows the land and the produce intimately.

He’s been growing veggies now for over a decade and can’t imagine doing anything else!


Patrick & Bri both grew up on a farms and have been working with Riverbend Gardens for over a decade. Bri is a project manager, content writer & strategist and an accomplished photographer. Patrick is born problem-solver as well as an illustrator, graphic designer & web developer.

Patrick & Bri co-own and operate Detour Photography and RYE.