What makes the Riverbend CSA unique?

  • We grow your food within Edmonton city limits which makes it as local as you can get! CSA members’ boxes will be optimally fresh rather than picked “green” for longer distance shipping.
  • Get to know us! You will receive a weekly Riverbend Gardens newsletter telling you about what is happening on the farm, what vegetables you can expect in coming weeks, and some tips and tricks for preparing your meals.
  • Everyone should have access to the highest quality and freshest food available, so we do everything we can to keep our CSA prices as low as possible.

Part of what makes us successful is our unique location. We are located in North East Edmonton’s River valley. We have access to market, customers in Edmonton, the river for irrigation and several unique soil qualities. We have two types of soil on our farm, one sandy loam great for our root crops, and another heavier type of soil perfect for our brassica crops. We have a unique microclimate in Northeast Edmonton that allows us to provide produce early in the season, and have later frost in the fall. This, combined with our northern climate’s long days, allows for us to have a long growing season.

Bean picking like a boss


One of our favorite days of the summer... First new potatoes!

Bringing in the veggies at

Planting chipolini onions with this guy.

Transplanting cucumbers today!